Our Services

Property Control Package

  • Initial examination and review on situation of property
  • Interface with tenants
  • Draw up and have rents signed
  • Collect lease and protection deposits
  • Monthly examinations and reviews of the illness of the property
  • Schedule regular servicing examinations of air conditioner, water system, creator vegetation, private pools, flame and protection devices, and any other technical devices as required
  • Maintenance and fix employees on hand for common and urgent repairs
  • Organize estimates from two or more companies for any work that may be necessary
  • Arrange transaction for solutions and receipts for common maintenance, provides, and staff
  • Payment of all costs suffered by the property; servicing charges, loans, property tax insurance
  • Supervise long lasting employees when entrepreneurs are not in residence, with shock examinations to make sure the employees are working to your specifications
  • Prepare complete information with per month claims of account
  • Prepare year end declaration of income and expenses

All houses are exclusive and require designed property management offers. Please call us today so we may discuss with you to talk about your requirements, we will then be able to quotation a per month service fee. We can also offer specific solutions for late charges.

Specific Service

  • Supervision of agreement tasks, architectural maintenance and improvements, internal design
  • Arrange transport for visitors, renters and family members
  • Arrange leisurely activities
  • Interviewing and coaching of long lasting employees members
  • Inventory of residence
  • Ready house for hurricanes
  • Assist with personal events and other functions